(2) Light Weight 10x12 Alumina & PE NIJ IV (Level 4) Plates

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Weight: 5.73±0.11 LBS / 2.60±0.05 KG

Size: 10' x 12' (250 x 300 x 22 mm)

Protection Level:  NIJ IV Stand Alone

Armor Type: Alumina (AKA AL2O3) & PE Composite Armor

Performance: Multi shot capability

Shape: Shooter's cut design

Finishing: With Sponge seal to ensure comfort fitting, wrapped and sealed with waterproof cover.

Plate Testing:





The link below is to a video testing our competitor's product. Yes, we purchased plates from our competitor and sent it to the lab for the same Level IV stand alone stress test: 3 shots fired and all failed, with two penetrations and one over the BFS requirement:


NIJ IV 0101.06 Alumina Ceramic & PE Panel E Shape Stress Testing

It is up to YOU to know what importation laws are for your country and state! BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR LOCAL AND FEDERAL LAWS before purchasing!

State Regulation
A majority of the states regulate vests and other body armor, by prohibiting certain people from owning it, to enhancing sentences when armor is used in the commission of a crime (or making the use itself a separate crime).

Possession by Convicted Criminals
Like the federal law, many state laws prohibit certain convicted persons from possessing body armor. But some states don’t restrict the ban to those convicted only of violent felonies; and may even extend the ban to violent misdemeanors. Other states list the crimes that determine whether an individual may possess the armor.

Like the federal law, some states allow possession for specified reasons, such as for work.

Restrictions Applied to Everyone
A few states prohibit the use or possession in specified situations or circumstances, without regard to the criminal background of the wearer. One state prohibits wearing armor on school property or school-sponsored functions (Louisiana), while in Connecticut, sale of body armor must be done in person—Internet and phone purchases are illegal.


Package includes: 
2 x Light Weight Alumina & PE NIJ IV Bulletproof Plates

Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality


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Customer Reviews

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Nice plates

These plates are very nice and are the lightest ones I could find. Plus have built in cushioning which makes them comfortable. Fast shipping, well packaged.

Great Product!

I bought these for myself to replace my AR500 plates and total these are about 6 lbs lighter than my steel plates. What a 6 lb difference makes on the shoulders!! And it's more advanced armor than the AR500 steel. A no brainer in my opinion! High quality waterproof wrap with padded edges makes these plate feel great.