FAST High Cut Helmet - Level NIJ IIIA - Coyote Tan

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Model Number: FAST ATFG Deluxe
Brand Name: MILITECH
Model: FAST ATFG Deluxe
Color: Coyote Tan
Material: Aramid
Performance: NIJ IIIA 0106.01

FAST CB Deluxe

*** 4 point Deluxe Roll - Liner With Inner EPP Helmet

*** Coyote Tan Color

*** 1.42kg (M/L) and 1.47kg (L/XL) fully assembled

*** Size M/L (US Size 7 1/4 - 7 1/4) and L/XL (US Size 7 3/8 - 7 3/4)


Ballistic Performance:

*** Test Report Below Shown Lowest BFD (Backface Deformation) Is 2mm And Highest is 10mm (USA Department of Defense Requires 5 Shots Test On 9mm, Front and Back MAX BFD Allowed Is Less Than 25mm, Both Sides And Crown MAX BFD Must Be Less Than 16mm--This Is So Far The Highest BFD Requirement In The USA FOR BALLISTIC HELMET PERFORMANCE )

*** This Helmet Also Passed Ballistic Impact Attenuation Test (Only Available In NIJ IIIA 0106.01 Compliance Tested Helmets)

*** Aramid Core (Imported Twaron) Shell Construction 

*** V50 Ballistic Limit Tested According To EU Stanag 2920 & USA MIL-STD-662F Standards, Results Tested Is Between 670m/s (2198 ft/s) to 700m/s (2290 ft/s), In Case You Are Interested In Customize Your Helmet With Higher V50, We Are Able To Acheive Up To 750m/s -- 2460 ft/s  (Military Contract Orders Only With MOQ Apply)

*** You Are Buying Directly From Manufacturer That Makes 40,000+ Helmets Annually

** This model complies with NIJ Standard-0106.01 for Ballistic Helmets.**

** This model complies with US DOT&E’s BFD protocol (9mm BFD/BFS Test)**


Key Features:


*** New Aluminum Skeleton Shroud Design

*** New Tactical Buckle--Tactical Glove Compatible

*** New Deluxe Roll-Dial Liner With Extra Padding (Free With Order)

*** Full Inner Head EPP Foam Coverage--Provides Better Trauma Protection

*** Metal Hog Ring Knot At Bungee Ends--Protect Your Expensive Night Vision Goggle From Dropping 

Watch 360 video here:

FAST Helmet's Evaluation--Presented By IPSC Russia:


FAST Helmet's Destructive Testing Video--Presented By IPSC Russia:


FAST Helmet's US DOT&E’s BFD protocol (9mm BFD/BFS Compliant Test):


FAST Helmet Official Lab V50 Ballistic Limit Test Video:


FAST Helmet Official Lab NIJ IIIA 0106.01 Compliance Testing Video:

*** Click here—Part 1 Russian customer's review of our helmet and the Ops Core's FAST Helmet

*** Click here—Part 2 Russian customer’s shooting test review--You can't miss this!  (Our helmet was tested by Steel Core Pistol Bullets With No Penetration Result)


It is up to YOU to know what importation laws are for your country and state! BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR LOCAL AND FEDERAL LAWS before purchasing!

State Regulation
A majority of the states regulate vests and other body armor, by prohibiting certain people from owning it, to enhancing sentences when armor is used in the commission of a crime (or making the use itself a separate crime).

Possession by Convicted Criminals
Like the federal law, many state laws prohibit certain convicted persons from possessing body armor. But some states don’t restrict the ban to those convicted only of violent felonies; and may even extend the ban to violent misdemeanors. Other states list the crimes that determine whether an individual may possess the armor.

Like the federal law, some states allow possession for specified reasons, such as for work.

Restrictions Applied to Everyone
A few states prohibit the use or possession in specified situations or circumstances, without regard to the criminal background of the wearer. One state prohibits wearing armor on school property or school-sponsored functions (Louisiana), while in Connecticut, sale of body armor must be done in person—Internet and phone purchases are illegal.


Package includes: 
1 x FAST High Cut Helmet

Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality


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Perfect condition, fits all my accessories, lighter than an ach. Online ballistic tests show this is worth the money